What they're saying about the LLR blog...

  • “what we have here is an overblown blog relying chiefly, but not wholely on bluster to defend an indefensible cause.”
  • “I have really enjoyed your various blogs as you have made some extremely pertinent points. You talk about the real truth not the truth that others think is their real truth!”
  • “Honestly I can't think you really believe the drivel you write.“
  • “I've loved all your blogs, because they've said so much of what I've said myself - or brought things out into the open that I've observed.”
  • “Unbelievable misinformation there are lies and then there are damn lies, and then there is this rubbish.”
  • “Your laying out of the truth, with supporting evidence and sound logic, is commendable.”
  • “I'm very pleased that this man has been shown up for the unpleasant person he obviously must be.”
  • “Very much enjoying the tweets of @leics4richard . Politely and calmly debunking mis-information.”
  • “His admirers are cut from the same cloth, they make me feel physically sick to be honest.”
  • “This blog puts into words what we all know from experience - thank you.”
  • “Leicester University's own version of Tokyo Rose.”
  • “I just love these blogs. The way they write just makes you giggle...”
  • “This blog is not funny, entertaining or factual and makes Mr Simpson and the University look immature and childish.”
  • “Have read all pages on this brilliant, passionate, challenging #Riii blog”
  • “haha, what a sad pathetic oxygen thief! Only brings there claim down even more...”
  • “Enjoyed it, thanks. As a citizen of York I find these people so embarrassing.”
  • “His 'hidden' agenda is obvious for any rational person to see “
  • “The truth that the Yorkists don't want you to read
  • “You do not want to read his latest blog!! I really had to hold back from typing anything, partly because I know he is such an intolerable man and I would end up throwing something at the computer and that would not please my hubby one bit.”
  • “As a supporter of the pro-Yorkist lobby I have read a lot about this blog in recent days - most of which portrayed you and your blog a pernicious deluded cretin - so I decided to give it a read and decide for myself. I can honestly say that I can't see what all the fuss is about, this is a well written, well researched and well constructed blog. I may not agree with the vast majority of your conclusions but at least you give arguments to support your reasoning”
  • “he is clearly a swivel eyed lads rag reject writer foaming at the mouth with his hysterical rant talk about embarrassing yourself in public”
  • “Wonderful blogging from this person. His blogs just get better and better !!!”
  • “On a personal note I don't like the web site, I think it's far too 'busy' and 'itty bitty'.”
  • “Excellent blogger, doesn't mince words . I always like reading his comments , if only all comments were as accurate and informative.”
  • “Seriously the man needs psychological help and I don t think any of you are doing him any good encouraging this childish attention seeking behaviour.”
  • “Fantastic twitter feed @leics4richard regarding Richard III, focusing on the real issues, history and law”
  • “I have no idea who writes this blog, but he's doing a good job of alienating prospective tourists to #Leicester”
  • “Whoever you are, I want to shake your hand and buy you a pint of your favourite tipple - you are speaking for so many people! Thanks for your blogs - and keep em coming!”


  1. Yorkshire Squaddie8:16 am, September 27, 2013

    From the Richard III Petition Facebook site today:

    "'It won't be long my King, we are all waiting for you with open arms and loving hearts"

    And they talk about YOU needing psychological help and embarrassing yourself in public!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I was recently asked if *I* was this blogger so I had to come over to see what I was being credited with/accused of. Actually I must say 'well done' for articulating your points so well & retaining your humour. I have kept clear of the online arguments as there are so many deranged people out there wanting to be spiteful, untruthful and frankly xenophobic with their accusations about Leicester & who will not be reasoned with. By all means disagree but be civil! Nice work, I will pop back often. L.C.

  3. Thanks LC, but we all know you really are this blogger...

  4. Great to see this ridiculous site and its virtually constant stream of fantasist drivel finally shut off. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  5. It amazes me how people can claim that you write lies , rubbish , drivel etc. I have found your blogs to be refreshingly truthful and to the point . People who can't see that must be deluded .

  6. Anonymous 4:14, You have obviously written your comment on the wrong site, an easy mistake to make. The page you were looking for is this one: https://www.facebook.com/PetitionToBringRichardIiiBackToYorkshire?fref=ts

  7. Very, very sad to hear that you have decided to end your blog. It was thoroughly entertaining, witty, intelligent and most importantly, factual. It was a great shame that some felt the need to resort to nothing more than abuse and threats once it dawned their case had been exposed as nothing more than myth and selfish fantasy.

    Many thanks for your work over the previous weeks. Best of luck for the future.

    1. Would like to echo Elsie's words. I'll miss your posts. Thank you, and best of luck!

  8. Wish you felt able to blog just one last time, now the judgement is in :)