Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thank you

The 'Leicester Loves Richard' blog is now on extended hiatus.

Circumstances beyond my control require me to give up the blog as of today. I have deleted all the old posts because in my experience if you leave this stuff lying around, people think you're still active. Maybe one day I'll reactivate it. Who knows?

I can't tell you why the blog is ending. To some extent, it has served its purpose. The Judicial Review is nearly upon us and I have done all the promotion of Leicester's case and demolition of York's 'case' that I can for now.

Please be assured that I have not been 'got at' and certainly have not been defeated by the bullies of the York Facebook group. Quite the reverse in fact. A police investigation into that page is now under way and a number of people who have posted on it regularly about me and other individuals in Leicester can expect a visit in the near future from a gentleman or lady in uniform.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this blog. The final stats are: 75 posts, 35,724 page views, 593 comments and 354 followers on Twitter. Oh yes, I've closed the Twitter account too.

Some very good people, throughout the UK, are continuing to fight for truth, justice and the honour of King Richard III. We will not let the avaricious, selfish bullies and liars win and steal his remains away form his Christian grave.

And really, isn't the whole thing ridiculous? Millions of people in the Philippines are homeless and hungry this week - while people are putting their efforts into arguing over a pile of 500 year-old bones in a cardboard box. Seriously, members of the Plantagenet Alliance: have some perspective, get a life. Think about how much good could have been done for living, needy people with the money spent on fulfilling your selfish ideas about one dead dude. How do you sleep at night?

That's it. That's sayonara from me. Please do not try to contact me, even if we have been in contact before this. I will not reply to emails, however sympathetic or well-intentioned, sorry.

All the best,

Mike Simpson